Keeping your home clean and tidy all the time isn’t always easy. And the process of waste clearance is the most critical task related to cleaning. It is always essential to know about the different types of household waste before getting started with house clearance in Swindon. From cardboard, plastic bags, glass to broken wood and more, you can find a number of items in your home that need to be disposed of.

Different Types of Household Waste

Before getting started with the process of waste collection and disposal in the house clearance process, let’s learn a brief on the different types of household waste.

Solid rubbish

It includes a number of rubbish materials found in residential and commercial buildings. The different types of household waste are tins and metal, plastic waste, paper waste, and glass and ceramics. Each of these items must be collected, disposed of, and treated uniquely.

Liquid waste

Liquid waste is found in almost every household, as well as restaurants and painting industries. This mainly includes dirty water, organic liquids, detergents, and rainwater. This form of waste is mainly categorised into both point and non-point source waste. While the natural liquid is a non-point source waste, the liquid waste released by industries is a point source waste. If you are confused about understanding the difference between the two, it’s always ideal to look for waste disposal experts to get the task done efficiently.

Recyclable rubbish

Another type of household waste is the recyclable rubbish that can be recycled and reused. These are basically paper materials, metals, glasses, organic waste and kitchen wood items. Hence, they shouldn’t be thrown away in landfills or water areas after being collected. Rather they should be sent to the recycling centres and treated accordingly.

Hazardous waste

It comprises all types of waste which are poisonous, burnable, toxic, as well as have opposite reactivity. They are labelled as harmful to both humans and the environment. So, it is better to seek the help of professionals to dispose of them properly.

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