How to Reduce the Common Five Types of Household Wastes?

Wastes are increasing day by day. Among commercial and industrial wastes, domestic wastes play an important role. Minor things like plastics, glass, cardboard and broken pieces of furniture accumulate around the house, leading to household waste. Household wastes generally consist of the everyday things that we use. To get rid of household waste in Swindon, make sure that you hire a professional company. They will help you with the process.

Five types of household wastes and ways to get rid of the same


Glass is a recyclable material used to make new glass products. When you recycle glass, it is melted down and made into new bottles, jars, or other containers. Hence the ceramic and glass left over from your home must be handled carefully. You can store them in a separate bin and recycle them accordingly.


Newspapers, books, packaging covers and cardboard, are inseparable from every domestic waste. You might see a large pile of the same at every nook and corner of the house. Paper is a recyclable material used to make new paper products. When you recycle paper, it is turned into new paper products such as cardboard boxes, newspapers, or office paper.


Plastic is a recyclable and biodegradable material. When you recycle plastic, it is melted down and made into new bottles, boxes, or other containers. Instead of mixing them in your everyday waste, keep them aside and ask professional waste clearance companies to take them away. They will know the proper ways of handling the same.


Aluminium is a recyclable material and is a common form of household waste. Metal and aluminium cans and pieces are found everywhere in the house. People generally throw them off without thinking. However, when you recycle aluminium, it is melted down and made into new cans or other containers. Moreover, they should not be mixed with liquid and plastic wastes generated among the common household wastes.

Liquid wastes 

This type of rubbish includes detergents, organic and inorganic liquids, dirty water and even the rainwater collected in the drains and the tanks of the house. Other forms of solid domestic waste should never be mixed with liquid waste as this will cause issues in the long run. It becomes difficult to separate the liquid wastes from the solid ones. 


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